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October 16, 2007

Seashell scarf 貝殼花花圍巾

Yarn/線材: Paton Brilliant - Sparkling Rose 1.25 balls
Pattern/圖樣: courtesy of 佩玲
Hook/針號: Boye F/5 3.75mm
Size/尺寸: 7cm x 53cm
Duration/製作日期: 3~4 days

When I first saw this scarf, I was attracted by its uniqueness, the original FO looked like seashell also looked like flower petals, that's how it got its name I guess. Peiling was kind enough to share this pattern with me, I got it way back in March. I actually started it right away, back in March I was still getting familiar with crochet hooks (again), and still learning how to read crochet charts; this one got me, I even emailed to Peiling for help, I still couldn't get it. And then I got side tracked with other projects....until now.

我第一次看到這圍巾是在佩玲家看到的, 馬上就被它特別的織法吸引了. 迫不及待的跟佩玲要了織圖, 也馬上就動手了, 可是三月的時候我還在重新認識鉤針跟學習讀鉤針織圖, 研究了半天, 也問了佩玲, 資質愚蠢的我硬是做不出來, 後來又去織了其他東西, 這條美美的圍巾就暫時被冷凍了...

After all these months of crocheting, now I tried it again, this wasn't hard at all!! I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway it's all finished now, I added 2 strands of tassels at each ends so I can tie the scarf better. This one's shells/petals is smaller than the original pattern, but it still cute, right???

現在經過了幾個月的磨練再回去看這織圖, 真的覺得自己很豬頭. 這麼簡單的鉤法, 我也能躦牛角尖, 把它複雜化. 嗯, 是豬年的關係吧 (安慰一下自己). 花了幾天時間把它完成了, 我在兩端各加了兩條流蘇, 這樣比較容易固定在身上. 厚! 終於可以去交功課了, 再不交, 真對不起佩玲囉!



At 10/18/07, 7:52 PM, Blogger Celia said...

啥時鉤了這條我都沒看到... Brilliant用來織這個應該很不錯, 亮亮的有點華麗感. Good idea on 那兩條流蘇, 蠻合的, 也比較好用.

At 1/13/09, 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2/15/09, 11:17 AM, Anonymous mooncan said...

Anonymous said... "找了好久的圍巾樣式,就是最最喜歡您的這條

At 11/30/09, 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 3/26/10, 2:47 PM, Anonymous gigi said...

can you please send me the pattern? it is really nice. gigicom23@hotmail.com


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