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January 20, 2008

Pineapple scarf 鳳梨花長圍巾

Yarn/線材: Rowan 4 ply cotton (100% cotton, 170m/50gm) #129 Aegean - 2.5 balls
Hook/針號: Japanese #3/0 (2.3mm)
Pattern/圖樣: Courtesy of Sheep House
Size/尺寸: width(寬) 20cm, length(長) 151cm

I decided to make this scarf all because of Margaret's FO! Just loved her Pineapple scarf, especially the variegated color, love it! I didn't want to spend more money to buy yarns (I really really need to be on yarn diet!), these 2 balls of Rowan's 4 ply cotton were the leftover from my Orangina, 2 balls...really couldn't make anything except maybe a scarf. I like long scarf, but I wasn't sure how far I can go with these 2 balls of yarns, so I use the food scale to measure how much yarn is needed for each pineapple pattern repeat, each repeat uses about 9gm. The original finish size is 194cm long, my yarns are not gonna be enough to make that long, probably not even enough to make the tassels. So I asked my sister to buy one ball of the same yarn from her LYS, of course not the same dye lot; but maybe it would be close enough to finish the scarf.... After I got the yarn, the new ball of yarn is brighter, so I decided to use it for the border and the tassels. Another project done!!! I'm proud of myself!!

又完成一條圍巾囉! 會鉤這條是因為看到瑪格的成品, 她用段染線鉤出來的圍巾, 美的呢!! 所以去我的屯積線線堆找出這組線, 是以前織衣服剩的, 就剩兩球, 大概也只能拿來鉤圍巾吧! 因為不確定兩球夠鉤多長, 我就拿出電子磅秤來量看看每一個花樣會用掉多少線, 這招不錯呢(從那兒學來滴)! 這樣子就不怕鉤到花樣的一半才發現線不夠, 會吐血咧! 我知道妹家附近的毛線店有賣這線, 我也知道是不可能買到同缸號的線, 但是兩球真的是不夠啦, 多一球, 若顏色有色差就拿來鉤緣編跟流蘇也好啊! 結果, 真的兩球就夠圍巾的主體, 新線色差蠻多的就決定用在緣編跟流蘇. 又消掉一組線了, 給自己拍拍手!!


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At 12/3/08, 2:55 PM, Anonymous Jennifer Creasey said...

I'd love to crochet the pineapple scarf as a Christmas gift? Do you know where I can get the pattern at? The link below the pattern brings me to another page with a picture of the scarf, but all the letters are little square boxes.


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