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July 17, 2007

Lacy Border Bolero

Yarn/線材: Cable' Due by Filati King (100% Baumwolle cotton, 175 yds, 50g) #159 Violet - 5 balls
Pattern/圖樣: 毛系だま夏季版

Size/尺寸: 34" (胸圍 34 英吋)
Hook/針號: Clover size C (2.5mm)
Duration/製作日期: 6/30/07~7/16/07

This pattern is from one of the Japanese book I bought a while ago, at first, I didn't even pay attention to this bolero, at least not until I saw the one that Kelly made; different yarn does make difference! I didn't like the original brown color version, but the one Kelly made was so beautiful, I immediately decided I gotta make one for myself (while I can).


The yarns they used in these Japanese knitting books mostly are fingering weight, and it is so hard to find these kind of gauge cotton yarns in USA. One day while I was in LYS trying to find yarns for this scarf and saw this Cable' Due yarns ($5.95@), I picked up white, taupe, violet and blue. I crocheted a swatch, and turned out it was perfect for this bolero. It is so light weight, has a beautiful sheen to it and most important it comes with "violet" color, my favorite! So next day I hurried back to the store and picked up more yarns before they sell out, with my luck, that just might happen!

這些日本編織書大部份都用超細棉線,偏偏在美國這種線又超難找的,幾個禮拜前在找線來鉤筱昭這條圍巾時剛好看到這組線,馬上就買了四捆線. 回家後鉤了織片,發現正好用來鉤這件波蕾若. 隔天又趕快跑回那家店去買線就怕有人跟我搶線咧!

This pattern looks complicated but actually wasn't that hard, and after few crochet projects I'm proud to say that I didn't need to draw the "other" side of the pattern for this bolero, I was able to finish this project without any major problem!! There were lots yarn ends that needed to be weaved, but other than that, it went very smoothly. I really love the end result of this project, I just have to wait till after I give birth to wear it.....can't hardly wait!!!

這個圖樣看起來複雜,但開始鉤以後還好. 而且在連續鉤了幾件成品後,這件我已經可以不用畫另一邊的圖就可以繼續了呢! 整體來說,沒碰到什麼大問題,只有最後藏線頭讓我比較頭痛而已. 其實應該不要用到這麼長的時間的, 這中間我們還要整理出房間給老大, 他的房間要讓給baby, 所以有幾天根本沒鉤. 然後房間整理的差不多後, 我又累的不想動, 才拖這麼久, 現在終於完成啦,很不錯呢,我很滿意唷!! 只是我還得等到生完後才能穿吧, 現在的..嗯...咪咪實在是...有點大咧, 胸前扣不起來啦!!

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