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I love purple, anything with purple... 最近迷上編織瘋狂的織,織,織... 阿亮說過,"凡走過必留下痕跡",別忘了在我的comments box留下您的痕跡喔!

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October 26, 2007

More crochet hooks?!

These hooks are so nice to look at, aren't they?! I really wasn't planning on buying the whole set, I bought the size C~F (don't really have projects that need the larger hooks) from Joann.com, they had it on sale and free shipping, how could I resist it! Recently I did more crochet than knitting, and with a baby, the lighted hook seems like a good idea! Yesterday, I went to Michaels to buy yarns for Knitty's Cherie Amour, and saw they started to carry these crochet hooks, I'm pretty excited, with 40% coupon every week, soon I'll have the whole set; then I saw a sale sign said the "lite knitting needles" were 50% off...hey...those crochet hooks were hanging right on top of the knitting needles, were they on sale too??? So I asked, they are!! At $3.99 each, of course I grab the rest of the sizes! Are they any good? Well, I still like the Soft Touch ones, but these will come in handy if I do need to crochet in the dark!!

October 16, 2007

Seashell scarf 貝殼花花圍巾

Yarn/線材: Paton Brilliant - Sparkling Rose 1.25 balls
Pattern/圖樣: courtesy of 佩玲
Hook/針號: Boye F/5 3.75mm
Size/尺寸: 7cm x 53cm
Duration/製作日期: 3~4 days

When I first saw this scarf, I was attracted by its uniqueness, the original FO looked like seashell also looked like flower petals, that's how it got its name I guess. Peiling was kind enough to share this pattern with me, I got it way back in March. I actually started it right away, back in March I was still getting familiar with crochet hooks (again), and still learning how to read crochet charts; this one got me, I even emailed to Peiling for help, I still couldn't get it. And then I got side tracked with other projects....until now.

我第一次看到這圍巾是在佩玲家看到的, 馬上就被它特別的織法吸引了. 迫不及待的跟佩玲要了織圖, 也馬上就動手了, 可是三月的時候我還在重新認識鉤針跟學習讀鉤針織圖, 研究了半天, 也問了佩玲, 資質愚蠢的我硬是做不出來, 後來又去織了其他東西, 這條美美的圍巾就暫時被冷凍了...

After all these months of crocheting, now I tried it again, this wasn't hard at all!! I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway it's all finished now, I added 2 strands of tassels at each ends so I can tie the scarf better. This one's shells/petals is smaller than the original pattern, but it still cute, right???

現在經過了幾個月的磨練再回去看這織圖, 真的覺得自己很豬頭. 這麼簡單的鉤法, 我也能躦牛角尖, 把它複雜化. 嗯, 是豬年的關係吧 (安慰一下自己). 花了幾天時間把它完成了, 我在兩端各加了兩條流蘇, 這樣比較容易固定在身上. 厚! 終於可以去交功課了, 再不交, 真對不起佩玲囉!


October 15, 2007

My new gadget

This post has nothing to do with knitting. I am just so excited about my newest gadget - an ear wax picker/remover!! I was shopping for my post-partum supporting clothes and happened to see this product. Its just like the Clover crochet lite, it lights up so I can see inside the ear, really clever. I usually just use a Q-tip to clean my son's ears and never thought about "picking" ear wax out of his ear. The only time that my son had his ears picked was when we visited the Dr.'s office for ear infection, now with this thing I may be able to do it myself.

Look at this next picture, see how big that piece of ear wax was?! After I pulled that ear wax out of my older son's ear, he said to me "Mommy, you talk too loud!!!" #*%^#$ No wonder I found myself scream alot whenever I wanted him to do something...
Even though on the product description says okay to use on newborn baby, I actually bought this for my older son, the baby just move too much, I'm afraid I will accidentally poke too deep and hurt him. My 4-year-old loves it very much, keep on asking me to "do it one more time", I guess the "scratching" makes him feel comfortable!

I also bought more of this nose cleaning thingy. I've had it for few years now, I just love it, I like it better than the old nasal aspirator. I found something similar to this one at Mitsuwa market, I tried it, it's just not as effective as this one. The flu season is coming, this product is a must in our household, leave one in living room, one in kids room, one in diaper bag.....you see why I need more than one!

And these are the post-partum supporting clothes I was talking about. After my first son was born, I didn't buy any of these, I was lazy and kind of just let my body did its own thing, I figured after a while I would lose all the extra weight. Well, I did lose most of the weight (kept about 10lbs as souvenir, ha), but I also lose the "figure", I couldn't find my waist anymore... So this time, I want to do something!! I couldn't find these kind of products in US, I mean, there are similar stuff that targets the tummy area, something for the thigh area; but these are specially for post-partum, and I can only find these in Asia, and pretty expensive too. So even it's very uncomfortable to put all these on my body, I just have to do it, especially after spending so much money :-p I better show my hubby where his money went, right?!