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June 29, 2008

Crocheted Shell pattern babydoll top

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Frappe 6 balls (95% cotton, 5% polymide, 50g, 145m/159yd)
Pattern: Joey編織の屋 March 08 KAL
Hook: 3.5mm for top part/3.75mm for the bottom shell pattern
Duration: too long~ probably from end or March till end of May

It really shouldn't take me this long to finish this top! It wasn't that difficult!! But between watching two kids and all other house works, I guess I had a great excuse!
These Japanese patterns are always one size only and usually for a very skinny person. When I got the pattern I know that I definitely need to re-calculate all the numbers so the FO will fit me.
I probably only need to add one shell repeat for the bottom part, but I added one shell repeat for both front and back, so they would be symmetrical. I also converted it to round-crocheting; I'm lazy and main part is that I really hate assembly (I'm not good at it...hahaha)! The FO is a little too A-line to my liking, but then, it looks like it could cover up my big fat belly, so that should be OK!
I was so looking forward to wearing this top, now that I had finally finished it, I found myself afraid to wear it! Why? Because my 9-months-old is always "on" me!! And he had vomited on my clothes too many times, I don't want to take that chance! Sigh~