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April 12, 2007

Sahara Finished!!

Yarn/線材: Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple (100% silk) - color Aqua Zing - 4 skeins
Pattern/圖樣: Stitch Diva Sahara by Wendy Bernard
Size/尺寸: small (Bust size/胸圍 33")
Needle/針號: KP Option #7, #5, Boye Balene 11" #5
Start/開始: 1/1/07
Finish/完成: 4/10/07

I feel so guilty that it took me this long to finish Sahara. I love this sweater first time I saw the pictures. When the pattern first became available, I bought it right away. It did took me quite some time to decide what "style" to make (short sleeves or long sleeves) and what yarn to use; I mean this Tilli Tomas really is so expensive, so far I haven't invest that much money on one sweater, plus it's 100% silk, not easy to take care of.

I love Wendy Bernard's patterns, she is so great, her patterns always have a list of substitute yarns, I did try couple different yarns out of that list, but non of the yarns seemed to be able to deliver the same result as the Tilli Tomas yarns. So I caved in and got myself some Pure & Simple from Sarah's Yarns. My sis and I decided to make this a mini KAL between us, we both started on Jan.1. She finished hers way back in February. If I wasn't pregnant, I would've finish it sooner, but in my first trimester, I just didn't feel well, plus I knew I wouldn't be wearing it anytime soon, so I kept it aside for a long time. Sis said if I don't finish it soon, it WILL be an UFO. Okay, okay, I'll try my best...


For this sweater, I pretty much followed the instructions. I can't say it enough, just love knitting from the top down. I've knitted few sweaters from the top, all of them were raglan style sweaters. This one is a little different, it started at the shoulders with a provisional cast on, working down the back till underarm, then pick up from the shoulders then down the front, then join together at the underarms and knit in the round down to the hem. Over all, the pattern was easy, just a tiny problem on the Diamond Rib pattern (k3tog TBL & p3tog TBL), other than that everything went very smoothly. One thing I should have done was making less decreases at the waist area, but I didn't know I was pregnant when I finished the body!!! Now I can only wear this after my baby is born, I'm not so sure if I will have a waist after that or how long until I have a waist. Anyway, it's finished, I really really love it. I will definately consider making another one, short sleeves version or maybe sleeveless.



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April 11, 2007

Snow in April

I can't believe it! Snow in April!!! Isn't it "spring" already??

Anyway, look at my 3-year-old, he is probably the only one that enjoys this snow day!!!