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I love purple, anything with purple... 最近迷上編織瘋狂的織,織,織... 阿亮說過,"凡走過必留下痕跡",別忘了在我的comments box留下您的痕跡喔!

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September 09, 2008


Pattern/織圖: Juliet from Zyphyr Style
Yarn/線材: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece #930 Candy Apple 5 skeins (80% prima cotton, 20% wool, 215 yards) Double strands
Needle/針號: Knitpicks Option 40"#10.5
Duration/製作日期: 1/9/08~2/20/08

Juliet really was a very simple pattern, it shouldn't take me six weeks to finish this sweater; but between taking care baby and daily chores I guess it was reasonable??

I always love Zyphyr Style's designs, I like their designs being simple, casual, and knitted from the top down, I can try it on any time I want and the greatest part is no assembly (mostly me being lazy)!!

I love these Cotton Fleece yarns, I bought these yarns at LYS during their close sales, I bought 5 skeins, based on the pattern it should be more than enough. I didn't start Juliet right away, so after I finally started this project and read some bloggers mentioned that the yardages on the pattern really wasn't enough...panicking!!! The LYS was already closed, no way I could get more yarn from them and I didn't think I could get the same dye lot from other store.

Good thing it turned out OK, I finished the sweater with only a couple yards to spare...whew! I did had to rip my swatch to do the crochet chains for the buttons. And I would prefer to knit another repeat of the lace pattern to make it longer...oh well! I still love this cute top!!

And then it took me forever to find the buttons I like. I thought about using the huge wooden button like the ones on the pattern, but I couldn't find it at any LYS (unfortunately there's only one left) or the fabric stores. I kept looking and looking and looking...no luck, and really, if I use big buttons, it would make the whole sweater even "heavier"! This sweater looks really "cute", but it is also kind of bulky/heavy - it would make me look "huge"!! I found these buttons while I was re-organizing my stash...love these!! These buttons were from another LYS close sales. There used to be 3~4 yarn store near me, now there is only one left :-(

Now that I finally finished my Juliet, I want to make one like Kessanlin's, love her version of Sweet Juliet!!